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How to Become a Better Speaker

Want to learn how to become a better speaker? Does the fear of public speaking keep you up all night?

You don’t need to suffer any longer with this presentation we have designed to celebrate The Presentation Designer’s 1st year anniversary. It will help give you the confidence and tips you need to become a better speaker and transform yourself into a ‘Steve Jobs’ style master.

top presentation of the dayNote: This presentation was selected again as a ‘Top Presentation of the Day on Slideshare’ which I’m extremely proud of. It’s the 5th time one of my presentations has gone viral.

Working as a presentation designer you can imagine I often get asked questions such as:

How do I become a better speaker?

I’ve collected all the tips and tricks together I’ve picked up on my speaking travels and also from watching my clients speak at various conferences, collating them into this presentation design.

The presentation was even given a tweet by LinkedIn, who now own SlideShare.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support. I hope you enjoy the presentation and the tips contained within.

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