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best colours in powerpoint
Learn PowerPoint

What are the Best Colours for Your PowerPoint presentation?

Choosing the best colours for PowerPoint isn’t as black and white as it seems. Many factors go into picking a powerful palette – involving everything ...
10 Examples of How to End a Presentation
Learn PowerPoint

10 Powerful Examples of How to End a Presentation

Here are 10 powerful examples of how to end a presentation that does not end with a thank you slide. How many presentations have you seen ...
must read presentation books hero
Presentation Design

What are the Must-Read Essential Presentation Books?

We have put together, six of the best must-read presentation books on everything presenting and PowerPoint design. We began our own journey from these presentation ...
powerpoint presentation through Zoom
Learn PowerPoint

How to Deliver an Effective PowerPoint Presentation through Zoom

Fun fact: you don’t need to be in the same room as your audience to deliver a PowerPoint presentation with impact. All you need is ...
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