Why the World Needs Bees?

We produced an in-house presentation to highlight and raise awareness around declining Bee populations globally. We originally shared this presentation on SlideShare.


Researching the Topic.

To learn about Bees, we put on our research hats and read many PDFs, journals and blog posts to collect engaging data and information for the content of this presentation.


Presentation Storyboard, Structure, Visual Design.


The Challenge.

Transforming our research data and figures into engaging visual slides to craft a story to fit the data and narrative of the presentation.

bee presentation design slide


The Goal.

Highlight key visual information and data around declining Bee populations and the importance they play in global food supplies.

why presentation design


Developing a Theme.

We looked at the colours and imagery around the humble ‘Bee’ and designed a presentation theme and typography to match the topic.

presentation design theme case study
bee presentation design slides


The Result.

An engaging, eye-catching presentation to raise awareness around the importance of Bees in the world around us.

story driven example 2

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