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think visibility speaker tips and advice

ThinkVisibility: Speaker Tips & Advice

Yesterday, I attended my sixth ThinkVisibility conference.

This year’s conference was particularly significant for two reasons: it was the first time I’d attended ThinkVisibility in a non-SEO specific role and it was also the first time I had attended the conference representing The Presentation Designer.

There were some really great speakers this year and, while I may not have been taking copious amounts of SEO notes this time around, I took the opportunity to analyse the way people presented and how they used their slides to help communicate their ideas to the audience.

5 classic presentation fonts

5 Classic Presentation Fonts

Every computer comes with a set of fonts pre-installed as standard. What you probably didn’t know is that some of those fonts totally rock for presentations!

I’ve listed my ‘classic’ go to fonts that I primarily use in my presentation designs. I use these fonts when custom fonts can’t be considered for compatibility reasons using presentation templates over multiple computers. What, pray tell, are these classic fonts I refer to then?

3 Tactics to Free Your Presentation Style

3 Tactics to Free Your Presentation Style

The path to becoming a great speaker is one that is often achieved by learning from past lessons and experiences. At my very first speaking gig, I was a barrel of nervous energy; I found myself falling into some classic ‘don’t do’ presentation habits. I’m going to share some of those lessons with you today to help free your presentation style. I’ll point out some of the tips I’ve learnt from some really confident and engaging speakers.

academia sucks the soul out of design

Academia Sucks the Soul Out of Design

Like any good book or a gripping action movie plot, I want to tell you a story today.

This story has one main protagonist; say hello to ‘Mr. Academia‘. The problem I have with academia isn’t that learning is a dangerous thing (learning is one the best things you can do in life).  It just happens that academia taught us all to design badly and that this is the accepted consensus.