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BIY Awards 2014 Illiya Vjestica

We’ve Won an Award

In business, each day is a new challenge. You take the rough with the smooth, the good with the bad. Every day you learn something new; every day you pick yourself up and drive yourself forward on your journey. There are times when you can briefly stop to take stock on what you have achieved along the way. On Friday the 3rd of October, I had that chance.

Early in July, I was shortlisted for an award from the business support organisation that I’m part of called Business in Yorkshire (BiY). The award was in recognition of the ‘Next Generation – for a dynamic business owner under 35’.Since joining BiY I’ve been able to work with a clear focus on my business goals and I’ve had the advice and support that every young business owner needs. Those who know me understand the incredible amount of work and passion I’ve put into my business since becoming self-employed in 2010. It hasn’t been an easy ride – my first business idea all but failed and I had to reevaluate what I was doing and why it mattered to me.

Midway through 2012 I decided to follow my passion for design and my particular love for designing presentations. In my previous business, I was helping friends and colleagues with their presentations in my spare time. Since that day, I’ve been carving out my niche in the presentation space and working on establishing The Presentation Designer as the experts in presentation design.

Receiving this award provided recognition for the hard work I’ve put into both my business and on my own personal brand.

I feel extremely privileged and grateful to have been chosen by a panel of judges who I respect, and I'm thankful for all the wonderful clients who have worked with me over the last two years and helped my business to grow. I hope that this awards inspires other young business owners to keep going or inspires others to follow their dreams and start a business.

We received some local press coverage in the Harrogate Advertiser, Wetherby News & Nidderdale Herald. I’ve included a picture of the press piece if you’re interested. Here’s to more awards in the future and to all the other nominees and winners I’d like to offer my congratulations and best wishes for your future success.

Presentation Designer Wins Yorkshire Business Award

Also, well done to Adrian ‘Aidy’ Wilson of McFade Photography for his solo entrepreneur award. Aidy has been instrumental in helping me on photography projects for The Presentation Designer and most certainly deserved this award. Kudos!

I also have to thank Louise Turner of AwardWriters for putting on the awards and convincing me to enter in the first place.

To quote Louise’s opening statement taken from the Government’s latest analysis:

  • of the 4.5m businesses in the UK, 4.3m employ less than 10 people
  • those businesses account for 32% of business turnover and employ 18% of the workforce
  • in Yorkshire there are 354,000 businesses. A whopping 99.7% of these employ less than 249 people

Small businesses need recognition too. There’s never been a place for small businesses to share their achievements, but thankfully Louise Turner and Darren Shaw have solved that problem for small business in the Yorkshire region. I’m proud of the great work that BiY have done to help Yorkshire businesses to grow and develop.

Illiya Vjestica About the author

Illiya is Creative Director at The Presentation Designer and has designed presentations for many of the world's most well know brands including Sony, Ralph Lauren & PayPal. He's passionate about improving the world one presentation slide at a time.