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The Health Benefits of Dogs

New Presentation: The Health Benefits of Dogs

I decided it would be a great idea to put together a presentation on The Health Benefits of Dogs, I had searched SlideShare and nobody seemed to have created a presentation about it. It was also my special way of saying thank you to my dog for all the walkies we’ve done so far together.

*Utop presentation of the day the health benefits of dogspdate: I’m delighted to say this presentation was also picked by SlideShare as a Top Presentation of the Day and shared on their homepage.

Following on from my last presentation 15 Kick-Ass Bruce Lee Quotes to Inspire You (which has now had over 100,000 views on SlideShare) I’ve created this one on The Health Benefits of Dogs. I hope you enjoy it.

Why Dogs?

It was a long 23-year wait before I owned my first dog. Ever since I was a kid I had always dreamed of owning a dog. Sure, we had various pets along the way such as a cat, a snake, hamsters and a rabbit, but we never owned a dog, until three years ago.

Those three years have been the best – I can’t ever imagine not owning a dog now for the rest of my life. They are the best animals in the world!

It took me a few days of research but the design flowed pretty smoothly when I had all the information collated. I read quite a lot of interesting research and blog posts along the way, such as this dissertation on the Emotional Benefits of Dog Ownership by Eva Beals which in turn kicked off my primary focus on health benefits rather than emotional ones.

The Health Benefits of Dogs

The Health Benefits of Dogs from The Presentation Designer
Illiya Vjestica About the author

Illiya is Creative Director at The Presentation Designer and has designed presentations for many of the world's most well know brands including Sony, Ralph Lauren & PayPal. He's passionate about improving the world one presentation slide at a time.