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We often get asked these questions from prospective clients before working on a presentation project. Please have a look through.

Have A Question About Your Presentation?

We understand that it’s not easy to write a design brief so we’ve put together this helpful FAQ for prospective clients to consider.

If there is a specific question that we have not answered here then please feel free to ask us through our contact form. 

Do you create presentations for Microsoft PowerPoint™ or Apple Keynote?

We create presentations for both Microsoft PowerPoint™ and Apple Keynote. We don’t have a personal preference as each program has its own set of pros and cons, but we’re experienced using both. That means we can create stunning presentations no matter which format you choose.

Microsoft PowerPoint™ is the more commonly used presentation software worldwide due to the popularity of Microsoft Windows within the majority of businesses.

Do you work with other presentation software such as Prezi?

No, sorry, we don’t work with Prezi at this time. However, we’ll eagerly try out other new software that comes into the marketplace. Finding the best possible solution for our clients is always our number one priority.

I want an animated presentation. Can you provide something that is more interactive?

Yes, we can work with Microsoft PowerPoint™ or Apple Keynote to provide an animated presentation. However, there are limitations to what presentation software can do in terms of animating text or objects. We are always honest with you about what to expect in terms of the animation you may desire.

Can you help me write the content for my presentation, speech or pitch?

Ideally, we always ask the client to provide the content for their presentation in their own words. However, as part of our process, we work with you to hone your message and drill down the key points that matters to your audience.

The visuals will always accompany the content, and it’s our job to make sure your content will engage with your audience and tell an interesting story.

Can you build me a template that I can use for further presentations?

Of course we can. However, as a presentation template is fully editable and we have no restrictions how many times it can be re-used, we charge a higher rate which takes this into consideration.

Every template comes with our helpful presentation template guide making sure that even novice users of presentation software can use and edit the template easily.

Do you provide instructions and training on Microsoft PowerPoint™ or Apple Keynote?

With all of our presentation designs, we provide clear instructions when required for installing custom fonts, setting up a presentation, troubleshooting and instructions on how to use your presentation template.

If required, we can provide training or Skype sessions on using Microsoft PowerPoint™ or Apple Keynote, i.e working with your team and your new presentation template to showcase examples of effective presentation design.

Can you provide animated videos or produce infographics?

We don’t directly design animated videos or produce infographics ourselves, but we do partner with some excellent creatives who specialise in these areas to create video and infographics for our clients who require them.

Who is responsible for writing the brief: me or you?

Sadly, it’s not the designers job to provide instructions to what you want in terms of the overall design and direction. As part of our working process, we’ll discuss the brief in detail to iron out the finer points and help you get your ideas down for the presentation design and structure. We’ll always do all we can to help understand what you’re looking for.

I don’t have any images or assets for my presentation is that a problem?

No, we’re experts in choosing stock photography to help visualise your content and ideas. We also have our own library of assets we’ve built up over the years, or we can design something bespoke for you. Of course, we’ll always ask you to provide branding assets such as logos, straplines or brand marks if they are required for your design.

I want to use my presentation on my Smartphone or Tablet. Do you provide presentations for these devices?

Yes, we can provide additional instructions to access your presentation on mobile devices. This is normally in the form of a .pdf file that can be accessed from your phone. However, we can provide a version of your presentation that will play on mobile devices*.

*This will require you to have the Keynote App or an alternative app for Microsoft PowerPoint™ that works with your device.

I don’t have a large budget. Can you still help me?

We’ll always try to accommodate our services for different sized budgets, but there is a limit as to what we can do. Feel free to get in touch and we can talk about your project and how we can help you.

I have a tight deadline. Can you still help me?

Yes, we are happy to help clients with a tight deadline. A tight deadline will affect the overall price, however, especially if we are asked to work over the weekend and out of office hours. We ask that clients are responsive and communicate effectively to ensure the deadline is met.

I’m working on something confidential. Would you be happy to sign an NDA?

Yes, we respect our clients privacy and their rights to protect their ideas and information. What you share with us remains strictly confidential. We’ve worked with a number of high profile clients under NDAs in the past and continue to do so today.

Are you willing to work in-house directly for our company or agency?

Yes, we are happy to work with other agencies or companies but it will depend on for how long you require our expertise and what our current work schedule is. The more notice you give us, the more flexible we can be.